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shoulda-matchers have removed several matchers:

  • assign_to
  • respond_with_content_type
  • query_the_database
  • validate_format_of
  • have_sent_email
  • strong_parameters_matcher
  • delegate_method

I was personally using assign_to and respond_with_content_type in project I was working on. Thoughtbot team suggest to use integration tests instead of these two. While I agree with this work-flow sometimes projects don’t have enough resources or time to implement them.

respond_with_content_type matcher fix

simplest way is to just replace any occurrence of respond_with_content_type with :

# spec/controllers/users_controller_spec.rb
describe UsersController do
  before{ get :index, :format => :xlsx }
  it 'response should be excel format' do
    response.content_type.to_s.should eq Mime::Type.lookup_by_extension(:xlsx).to_s

if you want a proper matcher than:

# spec/support/matchers/respond_with_content_type_matchers.rb
RSpec::Matchers.define :respond_with_content_type do |ability|
  match do |controller|
    expected.each do |format|  # for some reason formats are in array
      controller.response.content_type.to_s.should eq Mime::Type.lookup_by_extension(format.to_sym).to_s

  failure_message_for_should do |actual|
    "expected response with content type #{actual.to_sym}"

  failure_message_for_should_not do |actual|
    "expected response not to be with content type #{actual.to_sym}"
# spec/spec_helper.rb
#ensure support dir is loaded
Dir[Rails.root.join("spec/support/**/*.rb")].each {|f| require f}  

I agree with Thoughtbot on one thing: I don’t see that much value in this matcher. That’s why I don’t see point extracting it into gem…maybe in future.

assign_to matcher fix

There is already a gem shoulda-kept-assign-to. It’s really lightweight (just one module) so you don’t have to be worried about extra crap slowing your code.

So just:

group :test do
  gem "shoulda-kept-assign-to"

…and business as usual

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published: 2013-09-12