…or how to start Midori browser in fullscreen on raspberian


update 2019-11-05: I’ve recently tried steps bellow and thy don’t work. Not only that but it may cause your Raspberian Desktop not to load. I don’t know why and don’t have time to investigate.

Steps worked year ago but with recent Raspberian image some options seems not to load properly.

Anyway I’m keeping this article for historic puprpose and older Raspberian image versions but I recommend not to follow these steps.

This TIL note is basically just a mirror of http://www.raspberry-projects.com/pi/pi-operating-systems/raspbian/gui/auto-run-browser-on-startup but there were some fixes based on https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/42633/raspberry-pi-autostart-of-lxde-does-not-work

Step 1 - boot to Desktop autologin

sudo raspi-config

and choose

3. Boot Options -> B1. Descktop / CLI -> B4 Desktop Autologin

Step 2 install Midori Browser

install midori browser

yes there is chrome or Firefox but it seems this works only on Midori for me

sudo apt install midori

Step 3 config lxde autostart

Add at the bottom of the file ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart


# Auto run the browser
@xset s off
@xset -dpms
@xset s noblank
@midori -e Fullscreen -a http://google.com

If you need to refresh the page midori supports -i option to specify number of secconds of inactivity to refresh the page midori -e Fullscreen -a http://google.com -i 5


If this doesn’t work try to do the same to this file:

sudo vim /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart 

step 4 restart raspberi PI

sudo shutdown -r now

all should just work


note: I have unpolished Raspberi PI notes here: https://github.com/equivalent/scrapbook2/blob/master/raspberry_pi.md