This article is manual how to set up Xubuntu so it works with Visualized Workspaces Workflow concept. This setup should probably work also for Ubuntu with manually installed XFCE

Visualized Workspaces flow is a setup of workspaces in Desktop Environment for maximum productivity. Please read more in this article to understand why the steps bellow are necessary

Step 1 - add more workspaces

Go to:

Menu > workspaces 

Increment number of workspaces

Step 2 - add switch to workspaces number shortcuts

Menu > Window Manager > keyboard

Add shortcut that you like. For example:

Workspace 1                       Super + 1
Workspace 2                       Super + 2
Workspace 3                       Super + 3
Workspace 4                       Super + 4
Workspace 5                       Super + 5
Workspace 6                       Super + 6

Move Window to workspace 1        Super + ALT + 1
Move Window to workspace 2        Super + ALT + 2
Move Window to workspace 3        Super + ALT + 3
Move Window to workspace 4        Super + ALT + 5
Move Window to workspace 5        Super + ALT + 5
Move Window to workspace 6        Super + ALT + 6

by “Super” I mean the Left hand “Windows” button or sometimes referenced as SuperL

Other notes

Xubuntu is really friendly to Visualized desktop workspaces flow so from this point you should be good to go.

However here are some of mine optional recommendations for better experience

Set menu dialog

By default the menu dialog will pop-up when you press ctrl + esc. I find it bit more productive if the shortcut is ctrl + Super (ctrl + left windows button) or Super + Space

Menu > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts

Add xfce4-popup-whiskermenu and set it to ctrl + super.

Stop browser window from switching workspace

By default in Xubuntu when you clikt on a link (E.g. in Slack) browser opened in other workspace will move to curret workspace. This violates the Visualized workspaces flow.

To disable this:

Menu > Window Manager Tweaks > Focus Tab > 

set: "When a window raises itself"
to: "Do nothing"


Bug fixes

Screen lock blanks screen indefinitely / shutdowns computer

You may have a bug that when you lock your screen the laptop screen goes blank indefinitely.

see : for solution