This article is manual how to set up Manjaro linux 18 - XFCE so it works with Visualized Workspaces Workflow concept

Visualized Workspaces flow is a setup of workspaces in Desktop Environment for maximum productivity. Please read more in this article to understand why the steps bellow are necessary

Step 1 - add more workspaces

Go to:

Menu > workspaces 

Increment number of workspaces

Step 2 - add switch to workspaces number shortcuts

Menu > Window Manager > keyboard

Add shortcut that you like. For example:

Workspace 1                       Super + 1
Workspace 2                       Super + 2
Workspace 3                       Super + 3
Workspace 4                       Super + 4
Workspace 5                       Super + 5
Workspace 6                       Super + 6

Move Window to workspace 1        Super + ALT + 1
Move Window to workspace 2        Super + ALT + 2
Move Window to workspace 3        Super + ALT + 3
Move Window to workspace 4        Super + ALT + 5
Move Window to workspace 5        Super + ALT + 5
Move Window to workspace 6        Super + ALT + 6

by “Super” I mean the Left hand “Windows” button

Step 3 - remove Super mapping (Optional)

This step is only needed if you use “Super” button (Windows button) for switching to particular Workspace

In order to be able to map “Super + 1” combination for workspace switch we need to remove default mapping for Menu dialog lunch

Menu > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts

…find shortcut “L Super” (xfc4-popup-whiskermenu by default) and map it to something else (e.g. Super + Space or remove it

Step 4 - remove mapping for “terminal pop-up” (Optional)

When you pres “Ctrl+Alt+T” in Manjaro. By default you get Terminal Popup bound to all workspaces. That works terrible for Visualized Workspaces Flow

In order to replace this shortcut with a Terminal bounded to current Workspace you can do following

Go to

Menu > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts

and Remove existing mapping alt+ctrl+T (xfce4-terminal-popup)

add new mapping alt+ctrl+T for xfce4-terminal